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Our Approach

A comprehensive building survey is completed to determine layout and best order of service delivery
This will determine the following:
• Service level agreement
• Staff requirement
• Work Schedule
• Equipment requirement
• Consumables requirement
• Cleaning chemicals 



Our Approach

A comprehensive inspection of all areas is completed to determine:
• Design & look of equipment
• Type of equipment
• Number of equipment
• Frequency of service

The equipment designs to fit the look and feel of the office
• Stainless steel
• Ocean (white)
• Silver
• Grey

Value for money
• Rent to buy
• Rent only
• Outright purchase with service
• Service only 


Deep cleaning

Our Approach

We tailor make deep cleaning for a client according to their need:
• Chemical (green chemicals)
• Pressure cleaning
• Steam cleaning

A comprehensive survey of all areas is completed to determine:
• Number of units
• Frequency of service
• Equipment need
• Type of service

We deep clean:
• Kitchens
• Change rooms
• Toilets
• Tanks
• Floors & Walls 

Other services


• Supply consumable
• Toilet papers
• Chemicals
• Cleaning equipment

Décor & Art

• Living walls
• Digital art
• Digital writing
• Board
• Flowers (fresh& silk)

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